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My Top 10 Halloween Must Watch Movie List

Halloween is less than a week away, and oh my, where did the month go? Usually, I spend the month of October carefully planning and scheduling Halloween movie nights. There are SO MANY awesome Halloween-themed movies, that if you were to really watch them all, you would probably have to start watching them sometime in mid-July. 

So, since we don't have that kind of time with Halloween a mere 4 days away, instead, I give to you my top 10 list of must watch Halloween movies, which are appropriate for MOST* audiences. 

*(I say MOST because, well, I was that kid that watched the movie Ghost when I was too young to really understand that the movie was in fact a romance, NOT a horror movie, and spent the better part of my childhood frightened by the movie all because of that ONE scene where the other ghosts rise up from the ground to take the bad guy down to, well, you know where. So use your own parental judgement on this list if you have young kids, because my tastes probably differ. Also, I'm not an official movie critic or anything, I'll leave that to those Siskel and Ebert guys.)

Hocus Pocus 
Nothing is quite as magnificent as Bette Midler's hair, or her hair-raising "I've Put a Spell on You" number she sings in the movie.  Also, bonus points for the surplus usage of the word "amuck". 
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A perfectly spooky, yet heart-warming Halloween classic. Boy tragically dies, boy haunts childhood home, girl and paranormal-chasing father move into said home, ghosts/hauntings ensue, ghost boy falls for girl, and you get the picture. 
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The Nightmare Before Christmas 
I always struggle a little with this one. It seems that whenever you watch it during Halloween season, it seems more appropriate for Christmas. And when you watch closer to the Christmas season, it seems as though you missed out on a good Halloween movie. Either way, Halloween usually wins out, because if nothing else, we all know how quickly the Christmas season comes after Halloween (just visit your local store to see how the "Seasonal" aisles are magically transformed overnight from stocking candy and costumes to all things red and green). 
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Edward Scissorhands
While maybe not a traditional Halloween movie, there's just something about the creepy, yet sweet, way that Johnny Depp maneuvers those ever so pesky instruments on his arms. Basically anything created by Tim Burton will always have an appropriate timeliness to the Halloween season. 
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Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice. Need I say more? Yet another gift from the wondrous mind of Tim Burton.  
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Harry Potter
Really, any of the 8 movies will do. You could even make a marathon out of it, and just watch nothing but Harry Potter Movies for the next few days straight. I dare you. 
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Monsters, Inc.
What better way to celebrate this spookiest of holidays than with a movie that's about monsters scaring children (or at least attempting to)? Plus, you can go for the bonus sequel movie of Monsters University while you're at it. 
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Scooby Doo
As if our childhood wasn't already filled with plenty "zoinks!" and "rutt-rohs" from the many cartoon episodes, but there's also an entire 86 minute movie devoted to Scooby, Shaggy and the gang, back at it, unmasking those masked villains. Those meddling kids...
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Especially this year, as tribute to Robin Williams and the greatness that he shared with the world through his many theatrical endeavors, Hook is a must watch this Halloween season. After all, who wants to grow up?  
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Alice in Wonderland
Last, but certainly not least, here is another treasure from Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. The newer release from the Disney classic tale features more curious creatures, adventurous tales, and some pretty wicked animation. 
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